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A collection of articles which, through reading, might provide a little gentle therapy to you.

Strange name – great therapy.

I first experienced CST through a cranial osteopath who gave me a treatment very different to regular osteopathy (something which hadn’t worked well for me in the past). It was the contact with the cranium and sacrum which really had an impact, leaving me feeling more...

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Adoption & mirroring: likeness & identity.

As with any thoughts on adoption, it’s important to distinguish between the context of adoption in the 50s & 60s with that of today. In the former case, it was done without any further reference to or contact with the birth mother or father and very much an attempt at...

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The Path Taken Away

Adoption, Ancestry & The Shadow Self. I should preface this article by saying that I was adopted in the early sixties at a time when very young babies were given to new families because the mother was unmarried and unsupported. Today older children are adopted or...

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